Walking Beside the River

I always choose the most treacherous path, because to me its the most adventurous.

There is a wider trail just a few yards over to the right where most people walk. But for most of the way I choose “the narrow way.”

You have to be always alert to choose this path, and sure footed. It’s a dangerous road–like the world we live in. We musty be always on the alert for danger!!

The river is the great Mississippi. It is November the 28th, two days after Thanksgiving. Today it is 50 degrees, very warm for Minnesota. This will be maybe my last warm outing of 2020.

I come to the end of my walk. I will walk across that bridge over the river and looking down on the dam.

Muskrat Haven

There’s a small lake near my apartment that now seems to be invaded by these giant rats called muskrats.

Just a few years ago you had to really hunt for them. But now they are all over the place.

I’m sure they love the lake. It’s their haven.

There are many mallard ducks there too.

This time of the year, in the fall, they seem to like to show themselves. You see them swimming, and you also see them sitting on the newly frozen ice. They are always chewing on something they find in the murky water.

My Autumn Adventure

I take a short cut on a narrow path up the hill.

Walking through the fallen leaves down the sky trail.

Looking down from above at the winding creek.

On the main trail. A biker ahead.

There are resting benches all along, but I pass them by.

A gorgeous day, trekking along on the winding trail.

I especially like the white birch trees, adding contrast and beauty to the picture.