Do I Fear the Lord? from Psalm 112

Do I fear the Lord?

Do I delight in His Word?

If so I will be blessed.

And there will be light in the darkness.

I will never be shaken.

I will not be afraid of evil tidings.

My heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

The desire of the wicked will perish.

(from Psalm 112)

Choosing the Best Flower

There are always choices in life.

And we always try to choose the best things,

the prettiest, the clearest, the most vibrant,

the things that please us,

and the things that we think will please others,

and, in the end make them like us.

Ya, its mostly about us,

about me, me, me.

But I really hope you like this flower as much as I do.

It’s the best one I have.

Holy Birthing — DarylMadden

Here a holy birthingAs the mist appearsSpirit is surroundingDrawing in the air Light of the ignitingOne of heaven’s glowSacred colors strokingOf gifting to bestow Life comes to awakenOf calling to ordainThe purpose is presentedIn God’s embrace, remain Come now soul of stirringAcknowledge God is hereTo lift the hearts surrenderThis morning is a prayer

Holy Birthing — DarylMadden