Muskrat, Beaver or Groundhog

I spotted this fellow in the Mississippi River not too far from where I live in Minnesota. At first I thought it was a muskrat. But after looking at its head I think it is either a beaver or a groundhog. I think it’s too big to be a muskrat. The nose and eyes I think are closer to a groundhog. I wish I had a better view of his whole body.

Things to see on the walking trail

This look like a Tiger Lily, but the hot weather has got to it.

All the way there was a paved winding path. And the surrounding trees were thick.

About half-way through the journey I came to a free little library. These are becoming more and more popular in this area of Minnesota. However, I passed up any free books. They seem to be all for the degenerate–romance novels, etc.

I came across a tree full of colorful helicopter seeds. The best part of my sightseeing journey.