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The First Interlude: The 144,000 Witnesses and The Great Multitude (Revelation 7:1-17) – Part 1

Studying Bible Prophecy

Suddenly, as the cosmic disturbances were still stirring and as people were still hiding from the wrath of God (as I believe that all of the judgments will be continuous), God gave John another scene to look at; a scene, which we will call an interlude, to show us how God throughout the Tribulation will be working to evangelize and redeem certain ones who will choose to believe in Him.

This interlude will answer the question posed in Revelation 6:17: Who is able to stand? That is, who is able to survive the wrath of God during the Tribulation? The answer found in this seventh chapter is that two distinct groups will survive: 1) the 144,000 Jewish witnesses, and 2) their converts who will be martyred but immediately raised into heaven.

So, this, in general terms, is the purpose of this interlude: to give us this wonderful news of souls…

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The Consequences of Not Forgiving: Five Progressive Steps

Prayer A to Z


 D. L. Moody, in his book, Prevailing prayer, said, “…When you go into the door of God’s kingdom, you go in through the door of forgiveness…If we are unwilling to forgive others, God cannot forgive us.”  Consequently, if He doesn’t forgive us of sins, then they remain with us to create havoc on our body and soul.  We will discuss now that havoc in five progressive steps:

 1.  Fellowship with God is lost.  My relationship with God depends on my relationship with others.  For His love for us and for our neighbors cannot be separated.  He loves us all the same, and He loves the whole world (Jn. 3:16).  Therefore, when we refuse to love and forgive a person whom He loves and forgives, we are cutting ourselves off from His flow of love and forgiveness to us (Matt. 6:15), because we in a sense are…

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Let My Children Go!

Do you hear that cry from the Lord? It is His cry to families and mothers everywhere, to let all infants in the womb go free—free to live! But still, we have been rebellious and hardened. Recently, ever since the world found out that the U. S. Supreme Court may be putting a federal ban on abortion, the left has been apoplectic! Screaming things like, “My body is my own! Nobody can tell me what I can and can’t do with my body!”

The only trouble with that statement is that once a woman has intercourse with a man and becomes pregnant, she has become responsible for another life within her. If she chooses to get an abortion, she is choosing to murder her own baby. It’s that simple. And when she says, “My body is my own,” she is denying her responsibility to her child, and she is caring nothing for the body and life of the child (and the male who is the infant’s father also has a responsibility for the infant, to keep it alive and cared for).

Thinking positively, we in America may be embarking on a moment of truth—a pivotal time when something good will happen: that America will begin to see that abortion is wrong. And if that happens, we will put aside our selfishness and the women will begin to see that she has another life within her that she must protect and care for at all costs.

Comparing the end of Slavery to the possible end of Abortion

As many are now so disturbed at the possible banning of abortion, we can look back at a similar point in our history where a similar thing happened, mainly to Democrats. As we know, most Democrats owned slaves; and they regarded them as their own property. And when they were told that all slaves were to be free (in the Emancipation Proclamation), they were furious and regarded it as an attack on their lives. I imagine that they screamed something like, “They are mine; I own those slaves; nobody can take them away from me.”

But eventually, they saw the light of truth and what they must do; and they saw that ending slavery was right and good. Will we do the same now? Will we now give freedom to so many that want to be born and to live their own lives? Will we let them be free to live?

Please let us follow the cry, no, the command of God, “Let my children go!”

The Sixth Seal — Revelation 6:12-17

Studying Bible Prophecy

When the Lamb broke the sixth seal, John looked and saw (and may have experienced) a great earthquake. There have been many earthquakes recorded in the bible, and many more in this present day. But this one and also the one at the very end of the Tribulation (Rev. 16:18) will be the greatest in world history. In fact, they will be more than earthquakes. MacArthur writes, “All the earth’s faults will begin to fracture simultaneously, resulting in a cataclysmic, global earthquake.”[1]

Another author, Hal Lindsey, in his commentary of Revelation, There’s A New World Coming, says of this passage that this quake will be “the granddaddy of them all.”[2]

And he believes, because of the description here (verses 12-14), that the quake will be set off by a nuclear explosion. Lindsey comments particularly on verse fourteen:

Do you know what happens in a nuclear explosion? The…

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Forgiving Our Offenders: What It Should Look Like, 6 Points

Prayer A to Z


Our forgiveness of others should look actually the same as God’s forgiveness to us (look at my post right before this one—Understanding God’s Forgiveness).  There should be no difference; forgiveness is forgiveness.  Of course, since we are human, our forgiveness will not be as complete as His is; however, the nature of our forgiveness and its aim should be exactly like His in every way.  So as we plan to forgive others we must endeavor to make our forgiveness as His.  He has set the example and the standard for us.  Now here are six aspects or parts of forgiveness, which taken together, will help you to see the big picture of what it should look like.

 1.  It is confrontational.  First of all, we must understand that though we should always unconditionally love our offender (as God has loved us), we should never offer…

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The Sociable Turtle

Whenever I see turtles they are usually together with others, setting on a log. The same can be said of birds, perching on a telephone wire. And the same is true for many humans; and for believers, some have a rare pleasant fellowship. David said,

Behold. how good and how pleasant it is

for brothers to dwell together in unity.

Psalm 133:1

The Fifth Seal — Revelation 6:9-11

Studying Bible Prophecy

When the Lamb broke the fifth seal John immediately got a vision of the heavenly temple; and his focus was under the altar of incense where he saw the souls of those who had been slain.

Who are the souls under the altar? These are the souls of the redeemed who were martyred very early in the Tribulation. It is possible that they were saved just after the Rapture of the church, as a result of the preaching of the 144,000 witnesses.

There is another group in Revelation 7:9-17, that is mentioned as a “great multitude” and as “ones who come out of the great Tribulation.” This is possibly a later group, which are from the last half of the Tribulation, and that is mentioned in Revelation 6:11 as “their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed even as they had been…” Or, it may be that…

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Understanding God’s Forgiveness: 5 points

Prayer A to Z

Here’s another post from my book Prayer A to Z.

1. His forgiveness is rooted in His unconditional love.  Though God does not always forgive everyone—He forgives only those who will repent of their sins—He does love everyone unconditionally.  And that unconditional love is what draws sinners to repent so that He can forgive them.  Thus, forgiveness is always contingent on repentance; but that doesn’t mean that He doesn’t always love us.  He has always loved us and He always will, because that is His nature; God is love; it comes out of His own righteous and merciful character (Titus 3:4).  God loves the whole world and He desires all to repent so that He can forgive them (2 Pet. 3:9).

2.  His forgiveness was costly for Him.  God purchased our forgiveness by the blood of His own son Jesus.  Ephesians 1:7 says, “In Him [Jesus] we have…

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Poor Logging Cleanup

I recently went to visit relatives in southern Missouri. Where I stayed they contracted loggers to come and harvest their large trees–they had many acers of forest land. Well, what I saw was horrifying to me. They had cut down and hauled away just what they wanted and left the rest. There was very little clean-up of the land. It looked like a tornado hit it–you can see from the pictures. I’m not sure what the laws are in Missouri, but what was done is just wrong. You just can’t take want you want and leave the rest. I thought of when the buffalo poachers would kill so many buffalo just for their hides and leave the the dead buffalo lying all over on the prairie. (I saw this in the movie, Dances with Wolves).