A Blah Day Is Revived

A muskrat comes out of hiding and looks up at me. Should he face the world or go back under?

Today is one of those days. Really blah. A low energy day. A day of transition. A day of testing. I don’t even know how to start this blog. Let’s see. What to write about? I woke up this morning in a fog. I didn’t want to get going. I sat on the edge of my bed for the longest time—trying to decide: should I start getting dressed, or maybe just flop back into bed? I had very low energy, even to think things through. Eventually, the battle was won over the bed. I got up. I did my regular things: eye drops, meds, some TV news, my quiet time, then off to breakfast where I am now—at Perkins. I have an omelet, hash browns, fruit and coffee. I glanced through the paper. Nothing worth reading. Usually the comic strips give me a pick-up. Not so much today. They reflect sort of how I feel. Dustin was rejected by a couple gals in a bar; Garfield was told by his cat girlfriend, “I am cute, and you…well, you’re you.” Suddenly I thought of myself. I think I use to be cute, but no more. Oh well. I’ll just be me.

Besides being a day of blah and low energy, it also happens to be a day of change and transition. I just finished reading the bible through, and today I started again in Genesis; and I will also be reading the Psalms. I look forward to it. Hey, looking up! I sort of finished writing on all of my blog categories at least once—except a couple that I’m waiting on. I still need to send something out about my books. I hate trying to sell myself, but I have to do it. I mean, I think some people will benefit from them, so I really should do some promotion.

I also will be telling my story—sort of my autobiography, in many continuous blogs. I’ve never even though much of doing that, but I think maybe it would be a benefit, both for myself and others. There is so much in my life that is blank—no memories. I hope that some things will come back to me.  I hope and pray also that somehow I could be a benefit to others.

Well, I’ve eaten my breakfast, the coffee’s cold, and I need to get going—do something. My energy is slowly coming back. I feel somewhat revived! Thank you, Lord.