Still Creek

I would rather see a moving creek, but this still, silent creek has it own charm.

With a still creek there are more reflections in the water. And this year we are already beginning to see color in the trees.

Interesting picture. I see here a broken down cross.

Ten Foot Tall Flower

I saw this huge flower from a distance. There were none others like it around. I walked over to it and it was at least four feet taller than me. I’ve never seen anything like it. I know sunflowers are tall, but their middle is big, to hold all the seeds, This one is not..

It is about as tall as Goliath. He was 9 foot 9 inches tall.

It’s stem is a good inch in diameter. And its branches are over a quarter inch in diameter.

What a flower. What a monster of a flower. I counted about 30 flowers growing off of this one stem. Anybody know what it is?