Winter Stories

These trees have been bent over for many years and weighed down by the snow every winter. I’m waiting for them to crash down on the telephone lines below.

Here is a path into and through the tall trees. It’s adventurous to walk in here.

Here is a narrow path leading out to the creek. The path is barely visible because of all the snow, yet it beckons us forward.

This bridge takes us over the creek if we desire to go there.

A Scenic Winter Walk

A Sunday afternoon walk takes me first to this snowy field. I look toward the east at the bright snow and the beautiful blue sky.

A familiar scene; a frozen creek look down from a bridge.

Headed back; on my way home.

I take a detour.

The narrow way. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life.”

Ah, the evergreens. They are beautiful contrasted with the dark blue sky.

Winter Light — 12 Photos

There is nothing better than winter light. That wonderful contrast of the cold winter breeze and snow with the heavenly light is so glorious.

The best light-filled winter pictures I have are these next six from February of 2014. I remember that it was very cold, but beautiful.

These last five are from March of 2019 after a heavy snow.