Blogging: Four Blogging Themes Evaluated

I think it is good every once in a while, for a blogger to stop and evaluate what he blogs on, especially for a Christian blogger, because he has a grater responsibility before God to present the truth before God and others.

Here are four different blogging themes I would like to evaluate.

1. Blogging on the evils of our day.

2. Blogging on the necessity of fellow believers to be grounded in the word.

3. To expound on the great truths of Scripture.

4. To present my own testimony and the testimony of others.

Blogging On the Evils of Our Day

Every once in a while, I am compelled to do this, both for my own understanding (through my research) and to inform others. As Christians and as good citizens I think we need to be aware of what’s going on in the world. How can we be discerning unless someone warns us? And how can we be protected from evil unless we know what that evil is? And how can we pray against evil unless we know what we are praying about?

But though I think it is important to be warned of certain evils, I caution myself and others not to spend too much time on it. As a Christian our meditation and delight should be on the word of God and His truth. Also, we would not even understand what evil is, and we would not have a healthy warning of it unless we were informed of it from the word and by the Holy Spirit.

Blogging On the Necessity of Being Grounded in The Word

It is always good to remind myself and others to be grounded in the word—to be constantly reading and meditating on and memorizing the word. The Psalms are especially good for this; verses like Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

Blogging On the Great Truths of Scripture

This I think is most important; but at the same time, we have a greater responsibility to get it right—to expound the word correctly. We should always take our time and make sure we speak the truth. Sometimes I think it is better to just quote the Scriptures instead of trying to explain it in our own words. In my writing I often depend on a good commentary—someone trustworthy.

Blogging My Own Story or the Story of Others

We all enjoy hearing a good story. Sometimes a testimony will encourage another more than anything else, because it is something that can’t be denied. It is what happened to a person.

I think I should use this blogging method more than I have. It is easy and it is effective.

A Blah Day Is Revived

A muskrat comes out of hiding and looks up at me. Should he face the world or go back under?

Today is one of those days. Really blah. A low energy day. A day of transition. A day of testing. I don’t even know how to start this blog. Let’s see. What to write about? I woke up this morning in a fog. I didn’t want to get going. I sat on the edge of my bed for the longest time—trying to decide: should I start getting dressed, or maybe just flop back into bed? I had very low energy, even to think things through. Eventually, the battle was won over the bed. I got up. I did my regular things: eye drops, meds, some TV news, my quiet time, then off to breakfast where I am now—at Perkins. I have an omelet, hash browns, fruit and coffee. I glanced through the paper. Nothing worth reading. Usually the comic strips give me a pick-up. Not so much today. They reflect sort of how I feel. Dustin was rejected by a couple gals in a bar; Garfield was told by his cat girlfriend, “I am cute, and you…well, you’re you.” Suddenly I thought of myself. I think I use to be cute, but no more. Oh well. I’ll just be me.

Besides being a day of blah and low energy, it also happens to be a day of change and transition. I just finished reading the bible through, and today I started again in Genesis; and I will also be reading the Psalms. I look forward to it. Hey, looking up! I sort of finished writing on all of my blog categories at least once—except a couple that I’m waiting on. I still need to send something out about my books. I hate trying to sell myself, but I have to do it. I mean, I think some people will benefit from them, so I really should do some promotion.

I also will be telling my story—sort of my autobiography, in many continuous blogs. I’ve never even though much of doing that, but I think maybe it would be a benefit, both for myself and others. There is so much in my life that is blank—no memories. I hope that some things will come back to me.  I hope and pray also that somehow I could be a benefit to others.

Well, I’ve eaten my breakfast, the coffee’s cold, and I need to get going—do something. My energy is slowly coming back. I feel somewhat revived! Thank you, Lord.