Update: Bahrain, Mice, Racism, and more

Bahrain is a very small Island/ Country just west of Qatar.

Work. It’s Monday, not a lot going on as far as work. I have a small job on Wednesday; I just have to paint three doors, Tarrytown green. Fun.

Mice. Following up on my latest article about my mouse problem: I haven’t seen any mice for a few days. But I am convinced that I did have one or two mice—and I was not hallucinating. My evidence, besides seeing them, was finding a few black, small droppings under the stove, in back of the juicer, and on the bathroom floor in the corner. Gross! I am more motivated now to clean and make sure I have nothing laying around where they can nest. I would be mortified if I found a nest with baby mice in it. And I asked around to all the other apartments in my building, and no one has seen any mice. Why is it just me?

Bahrain. Just too days ago, Bahrain came on board with UAE. Now we have two nations at peace with Israel, which confirms my previous article on the fact that bible prophecy is now happening; and so, the Ezekiel Invasion (Ezek. 38, 39) is coming soon—which also means that the Rapture is coming soon. It is so exciting to see these things falling into place.

My church looking at racism. I tend not to want to talk about or hear anyone talk about racism. I think that is mainly in our past. And for the most part I think it was dealt with back in the 60’s. But our pastor has chosen to tackle it. Well, so far, I think he is doing a great job. His main motivation is evangelism in our community, which has a mixed race. So, we figure that our church should really have a mixed race of people. And, for the most part, we do.

His text was from Revelation 7:9: “After these things I looked, and behold a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…”

So, he got from that verse that in heaven there will be a mixed race of people: all nations, tribes, and languages. It is a beautiful picture. We should not see heaven as a blend of the races, say all brown people. No. It will be multi-colored. Very colorful! And we will love and accept each other as we are. So, the main message is that we need to humble ourselves, face up to, and talk about where we are concerning how we feel about each other—people of other races. Sin wants to hide; but redemption demands honesty, humility and transparency.

But we also need to be careful and wise. Riots are not the way to deal with anything. Anger will not solve anything. And we know now that there are anarchists that want to take advantage of any hurtful situation in order to destroy our country. We don’t need another civil war. We need prayer and revival, and we need law and order to go along with it.

My reading. I just started reading Live Free Or Die, by Sean Hannity. Good grief. I had no idea that the book would be so deep. I mean, it is like a text book with tons of research. It’s a book I could definitely read more than once. There is so much in it. It is not that hard to read, just so much in it. Oh well, I will just read it slow, a little at a time. It is good. A lot of good information about our great country.

Did I See A Mouse?

A couple days ago when I was sitting on my couch watching TV, I saw a mouse come out from under the couch; and then, as soon as I saw him, he quickly ran back under the couch again. I was startled. Did I really see what I think I saw? It was late, about midnight, so maybe I was half-asleep and it was part of a dream. I settled back into the couch, but I made sure my feet were up resting on the stool. If he came out again, I didn’t want him to crawl over my feet—or I didn’t want him to be tempted to run up my pant leg!

I will never forget the time, on the farm, when my mother was working in the garden hoeing, when suddenly we (me and my sister) saw her start wildly dancing and screaming. We found out later that a mouse had crawled up her pant leg. I didn’t ask, but I assume that the mouse found its way out. The poor mouse was probably traumatized. Just kidding! I’m sure my mom had the worst of it. Well, anyway, its 60 years since that happened and I still remember it vividly. I don’t want that to happen to me.

Still sitting on the couch, wondering if what I saw was real, I suddenly saw another mouse, or maybe the same one run across the room under the TV set. It didn’t make a sound, but I saw it…or did I?

I know that people who have Parkinson’s disease start seeing things that aren’t there. Both my mom and dad had Parkinson’s before they died and I know my mom was like that. So anyway, I’m thinking that maybe I’m also starting to see things—maybe.

The next day (Thursday) I saw the mouse again. He came out from under the couch just like before, sniffed around, and then when he saw me, he quickly ran back under.

The following day, after work, I went to Home Depot and bought a couple mouse traps and put them out. I also did some cleaning and vacuuming to get rid of anything that Mr Mouse would want to eat. I also watched a couple videos on YouTube about mice—evidence of mice. I have since been looking around. I can’t find any holes or nests, but I think I did see just a few mouse droppings, like about 5 or 6 very small ones. I have evidence! I’m not crazy!

This morning I checked the traps…nothing. This afternoon I will pull out the refrigerator and stove to check under there. And do more cleaning. If I don’t find anything, I am guessing that my mouse friend was just here for a short visit just to look around. Maybe if I keep the place clean, he (or they) won’t come back.

Since I know (from evidence) that I had, or have mice I am more convinced now that I did actually see them. But even though that may be true, I am also more thoughtful of what is down the road for me in terms of my health—possibly Parkinson’s and Dementia. On the positive side, I am more prayerful now—praying about everything, and hopeful that He will keep me in His perfect peace.

On the Farm: The Delano Farm

This is me on the right with my little brother Jimmy, sitting in the dirt in back of the old Delano farm house.

As I wrote previously, I lived on a farm near Montevideo, Minnesota when I was about six and seven years old, and then later when I was about ten and eleven. In between those years we lived on a small farm near Delano, Minnesota. I have no memory of school there (3rd and 4th grade), but I have plenty of other memories.

The house was quite small and rickety—much smaller and older than the large Montevideo house. The ceiling leaked, the walls creaked, and the inside of the walls were infested with mice. We would hear them all the time. Though my mom and sister hated them, me and Mark had fun killing them with mouse traps. We would get at least one a day.

Another house adventure was the attic. Dad did some repairs to the attic and to the steps leading up there, but it still looked like an attic. And that’s where us kids would sleep. It wasn’t cold up there like the Montevideo farm was; but it was musty, and we could hear the mice; and once in a while we would even see and hear bats flying back and forth over our heads while we hid under the covers. That was scary. I think my mom felt sorry for us, but my dad didn’t seem to care.

Oh, I’m sure he cared, but I know he had so much on his mind. We were not making it too well financially, and I suppose he was always thinking of any way possible to make more money to hold the farm and the family together. And I know mom wasn’t happy in that house, and any suggestions she gave dad made him angry. I don’t know if it was her idea or not, but I remember that dad worked part time at a macaroni factory in town. I remember that he brought leftover macaroni home, probably swept up from the factory floor, and fed it to the pigs. He actually made a pig slop out of it; he mixed the raw macaroni with feed and sour milk. Oh, those pigs just loved it! They would go crazy over it! In fact, when we fed them, we had to be really careful, because when they would see us heading their way with a pail of slop, they would come running and squealing. If we didn’t quickly dump it in their trough and get out of the way, they would run us over.

We had a few acres of farm land, mainly corn; and we had one or two cows, some chickens, and about 30 pigs, as I mentioned. They were penned up only about 20 yards from the house. I remember that every time my grandpa and grandma came over to visit, they would always be holding their nose—literally. They couldn’t stand the pig smell.  But I didn’t mind at all. I guess you get use to it; and I really sort of liked that farm smell.

I have such vivid memories of that little farm, especially the back yard. Not too far from the back of the house, across from the pig pen was an old windmill, used to pump water. And it worked! Then not too far from the windmill there was a row of fruit trees; mainly apple trees, but also a pear tree. Mom would sometimes make apple pies from the apples.  And I remember, she would also make chokecherry jam from the chokecherry trees (pictured), which were scattered all over the farm. Mom was really good at making stuff. Besides making pies and jam, she baked bread—which was always wonderful.

We had one of those old-fashioned telephones that you had to crank. And it was a party-line phone—so you had to share it with the neighbors. We didn’t have many neighbors. But I remember up the gravel road, about a quarter mile, was a farm on the right with a crab apple tree and geese walking all over in the yard. Across from that farm, on the left, was an underground house with a flat roof that was about three feet above the ground level.

Then, a little way from that house was an old farm house, more like a shack, where two old bachelors lived, and where they often sat out on their back steps. We liked hanging around them, listening to their stories and watching them whittle their sticks. And they had a distinctive smell of tobacco and beer. Yea, they were a couple of happy, carefree guys, and I remember thinking that I wanted to be just like them!

This is me on the gravel road in front of the house.