Why Prayer is Necessary: #6 – To Obtain Mercy and Grace

Jesus Christ, our great High Priest, is fully human and fully God.  The human side of Him makes Him able to be sympathetic and merciful toward us, and the God side of Him makes Him able to help us at any time with any of our needs.  What this means to us of course is that when we pray to Him we are assured of His sympathy for our needs and also of His ability to help us.  Thus we can pray with great confidence, even boldness.   Hebrews 4:16 says, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

This mercy and grace is God’s gift to us—it is free for our taking!  But unless we choose to go to Him in prayer, and unless we confidently pray and ask for help, His mercy will not be obtained and His grace will not be found.

We all are aware of countless individuals (perhaps you) who are badly in need of help.  Some are in spiritual, mental, and sometimes physical misery.  Some grope around not knowing what to do or who to turn to.  Many go from doctor to doctor seeking help, all to no avail.  If they only knew Jesus and knew how to approach Him in prayer they would no longer be without peace.     

He is the Great Physician, the greatest one of all.  All we need to do is call out to Him in prayer and He will quickly come to our aid.  But if we fail to pray in our desperate hour of need then His mercy and His grace will remain on the shelves of heaven.  Pray, my friend, and God will hear you.  Yes, you who are in desperate need, need to pray.  It is the only way, God’s appointed way, that you will receive mercy and find grace.  

My Relationship with God

I hesitate to write on this subject because I don’t always feel close to Him. Sad but true. Many may say that they feel the Lord’s nearness all the time. Good for them. That’s the way it should be.  And I strive for that. The Psalmist said, “The nearness of God is my good” (Ps.73:28).  Sometimes I really feel His nearness, but many times I feel dragged down by my sins. Sin is the whole cause of distance and we need His mercy. He is always there waiting to lift us up.

In terms of my relationship with God, well, His love for me I know is constant. But my love for Him is ever wavering. I am a bit of a rebel. I know I am too much in the world. I let myself see too much of the world’s entertainment. If it wasn’t for the mercy of the Lord, I would be engulfed in sin’s miseries. But He again and again pulls me out of it—causes me to come to Him. This whole thing, this post, sounds like a confession. I suppose it is. Truthfully, that’s what my relationship with God is—my sins and His mercy and grace. I wade in the mud, then I come to Him, and He cleans me up with soap and water.

I longingly wait for the time when we all will be continually sharing His glory, when all sin and evil will be eradicated and forgotten, and when all our tears will be wiped away.