My Relationship with God

I hesitate to write on this subject because I don’t always feel close to Him. Sad but true. Many may say that they feel the Lord’s nearness all the time. Good for them. That’s the way it should be.  And I strive for that. The Psalmist said, “The nearness of God is my good” (Ps.73:28).  Sometimes I really feel His nearness, but many times I feel dragged down by my sins. Sin is the whole cause of distance and we need His mercy. He is always there waiting to lift us up.

In terms of my relationship with God, well, His love for me I know is constant. But my love for Him is ever wavering. I am a bit of a rebel. I know I am too much in the world. I let myself see too much of the world’s entertainment. If it wasn’t for the mercy of the Lord, I would be engulfed in sin’s miseries. But He again and again pulls me out of it—causes me to come to Him. This whole thing, this post, sounds like a confession. I suppose it is. Truthfully, that’s what my relationship with God is—my sins and His mercy and grace. I wade in the mud, then I come to Him, and He cleans me up with soap and water.

I longingly wait for the time when we all will be continually sharing His glory, when all sin and evil will be eradicated and forgotten, and when all our tears will be wiped away.  

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