We Fail In Prayer When We Are Not Exposed To Real Needs

Prayer A to Z


Here are six ways we may fail in prayer. The first failure listed is that we don’t let ourselves be exposed to many of the real needs around us.

 Needs – We don’t see the real needs.  One of the reasons why we fail in prayer is because our prayers are not specific enough to meet the real needs of people.  It is possible that our prayers are too much for ourselves and not enough for others, too heavenly and not enough on the earth.  We may pray thanking God for all the beautiful things, but we don’t have eyes to see the sin, the suffering, and all the pain on earth.  Therefore, because of this neglect, we lack compassion for others and our prayers don’t carry the burden of their needs.  What value then is our praying except to make ourselves feel good; but in the end…

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