Personalities in the Tribulation: The False Prophet

Studying Bible Prophecy

In Revelation 13:11, he is referred to as “another beast,” in reference to the beast in verse one. Moreover, Revelation thirteen, verses one through ten speaks of the Antichrist, and verses eleven through eighteen speaks of the false prophet. The first beast comes out of the sea, and the second beast comes out of the earth. There have been so many different ideas as to what this means, so I think I will just skip that part of it.

However, the second part of verse eleven is clear: the false prophet has two horns like a lamb, and he speaks as a dragon. This tells us that he is weaker than the Antichrist, who has ten horns; and it also tells us that he comes on as being gentle—like Jesus. Hence, he will masquerade as the true Lamb of God, yet he is deceptive, for he…

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