Five Descriptions of Faith

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In some respects the meaning of faith is so simple.  It means to just believe God, to trust and rely on Him.  But because we are human and sinful, faith becomes so hard for us.  Hence, we seem to need to dissect it and to look at it from different angles, in order to get the meaning of faith that pleases us or that helps us to understand it.  And I think that’s good.  We need to do that.          

In my reading on faith I have come across numerous descriptions.  Here are a few I have put together.  I hope these will help you understand faith.  Perhaps from these you will come up with your own description. 


1. Faith is a work of God’s Spirit in the heart. 

Andrew Murray wrote, “Faith is completely the work of God’s Spirit through His Word in the prepared heart of the…

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Our Prayers Will Fail If We Don’t Pray According to the Bible

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Here are the last seven reason why our prayers fail, beginning with our neglect of the Word of God.

 Teachings on Prayer – We don’t let the Bible teach us how to pray.  Everything in the Bible was written for our instruction (Rom. 15:14).  All the prayers of the Bible and all the teachings on prayer, all the stories of how people prayed and how they had faith to pray (Heb. 13:7) are our teachers on how to pray.  If we fail to read the Bible and heed it’s teachings about prayer, we can’t expect to know how to pray; therefore, we will certainly fail in prayer.

 Unity – We lack unity.  Prayers will always fail when there is no unity in the body of Christ.  For where there is no unity in the body of Christ there is also no unity with Christ.  And where there…

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We Fail In Prayer When We Are Not Exposed To Real Needs

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Here are six ways we may fail in prayer. The first failure listed is that we don’t let ourselves be exposed to many of the real needs around us.

 Needs – We don’t see the real needs.  One of the reasons why we fail in prayer is because our prayers are not specific enough to meet the real needs of people.  It is possible that our prayers are too much for ourselves and not enough for others, too heavenly and not enough on the earth.  We may pray thanking God for all the beautiful things, but we don’t have eyes to see the sin, the suffering, and all the pain on earth.  Therefore, because of this neglect, we lack compassion for others and our prayers don’t carry the burden of their needs.  What value then is our praying except to make ourselves feel good; but in the end…

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We Fail in Prayer When We Don’t Pray God’s Way

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 Failure is a tough word. We may not like the idea that we can fail in prayer. But when we don’t pray God’s way and when we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to help us pray, that guarantees that we will fail in prayer. Here are seven ways many Christians will fail in prayer.

 God’s way – We don’t pray God’s way.  You will definitely fail in prayer if you insist on praying your own way instead of God’s way.  We all naturally tend to pray to impress others.  God wants us to pray, however, not to impress anyone or to show them how righteous we are, but simply to receive from Him what we need and what He desires to give us.

Jesus has instructed us to pray in this way: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.  Your kingdom come Your will be done on…

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Failure in Prayer – Part 1

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Failure in prayer I think is mainly due to our failure in getting to prayer—because of our laziness and lack of discipline. But there can also be a failure in prayer even when we are disciplined to pray—because we just don’t know how to pray effectively. In the next four blogs (parts) I will bring to you 26 ideas (in alphabetical order) on why prayers fail (fail to receive answers). Today it will be A through F.

 Authority – Prayers fail when we don’t pray with authority.  If you have gone to prayer, and your prayers have not been answered, it may be because you are not abiding in Christ, nor are you executing the authority He has given you in Him.  Do these things and you will be able to resist the devil in faith as you use the Word of God with power in all your praying.

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FAILURE IN PRAYER—10 Reasons Why We Fail In Getting To Prayer

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There are many areas of failure in getting to prayer.  And so I have done my best to point out some of those areas.  I have found ten different areas of failure; and I have outlined them with the acrostic P-R-A-Y-E-R-L-E-S-S.  I hope this acrostic will help you to remember them.

# 1 – Priority.  We don’t give prayer the proper priority.  The reason of course is that we fail to see the importance of prayer.  Perhaps we haven’t come into a close relationship with God yet, and we don’t enjoy spending time with Him.  Also it may be because we are lazy; we lack discipline; and we don’t take the time to set our alarm clock a little earlier, so we have time to pray in the morning.  Basically, it is just selfishness and sin.

# 2 – Rest.  We aren’t resting in faith.  A…

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