Positive News Tidbits, 4/6/20

I love to hear positive news, even while we are going through this pandemic. Here are some bits of positive news, and some positive thoughts.

  1. Unlike most other nations, Finland has been stockpiling medical gear like surgical masks for years. They have plenty! As I read in my morning newspaper, Finland’s location (next to the Soviet Union) and historical lessons have taught the nation to prepare for the worst. Now they are fully prepared.
  2. I have been daily chart-reading the COVID-19. It appears that the top nations in the EU that are infected (Spain, Italy, Germany and France) are now on a downward slope. That means that the US will soon follow. It is my guess that we may hit the peak in just a few days, level off, and then begin a decline.
  3. I was reading how Leah Beno, one of Minnesota’s top news anchors, has been learning new things and adjusting to her new work environment—having to work at home with her kids. People all over the country are learning and making adjustments. That’s a good thing! The more we learn the more we are prepared for what’s to come. And these trials will help us to be stronger and a better person.
  4. Good news for non-Christians. This coronavirus is a warning to you of what’s coming—a foreshadowing of terrible times ahead, prophesied in Revelation 6:6-7. God cares about you and is giving you this warning so you can be prepared for what’s to come. Your only way to prepare is to repent and start believing in Him. He is your only way of escape.
  5. Good news for Christians. This pandemic is telling us now that Christ’s coming is very soon! Be ready! And be excited!

Positive News Tidbits

On the road, from Minnesota to Texas

I thought it would be good, in these troubled times, to bring a bit of positive news.

  1. From my newspaper I read the good news that because of the bars being closed and far fewer people are drinking and on the roads, there are significantly fewer DWI’s, crashes, and injuries. So, even though the COVID-19 death toll is rising, at the same time the traffic accident death and injury toll is declining.
  2. A retired Venezuelan army general, Cliver Alcala, has surrendered to U.S. That’s great news. Also, I presume that someone just received a 10-million-dollar reward.
  3. Generally, I think people are praying more.
  4. Due to this pandemic, and all the precautions we are supposed to take, there seems to be more positive messages going out, especially among the youth.