The Problem with Listening to Science

So many people these days are saying, “We need to listen to the science.”  I’m all for science, but sometimes science isn’t too scientific (or true); and sometimes we use science as an excuse to not do what is right or practical.

Evolution I think is the best example. Most of the world has chosen (or even is forced) to believe in evolution instead of creationism, because of science—because of all the science Darwin used to prove his theories. But did you know that there are many Christian scientists that reject Darwin’s theories and don’t believe they are scientific at all.

Or how about the science of climate change. How many times have those scientific theories been wrong? Now they are saying that we only have twelve years left on this earth—unless we do something about it, like “the new green deal.”  Give me a break! Is it really science? Or politics! Is it science? or someone’s desire for global government!

What about this pandemic we are in? We are hearing so many voices, especially from Democrats, that we need to listen to science. Dr Fauci? Is that who we should listen to? Or maybe the WHO (World Health Organization)? Give me a break! They are just people with there own opinions. And as we have heard from Dr Fauci, those opinions have changed from day to day.

Again, I’m all for a science, but I’m all for a using common sense too. If science is telling us to close our schools and our churches, but its okay to open tattoo parlors and strip clubs and to allow people to protest and riot, then I doubt your science.

I think it is time to just use common sense and stop using science as an excuse to move your political agenda.

Donald Trump and the Media

In my last article on this subject I revealed how I became interested in politics and how I came to root for Donald Trump. I also wrote about how I got hooked on Fox News and how I see it as far superior to any other so-called news. Here I will carry on with the same thing, but maybe more on Trump.

You know I don’t think most people are even aware of all that the President has done, what a really good person he is. I see it especially where I live, in Minnesota; a very liberal, Dem state. I blame it mostly on the liberal news media. Sometimes I get the feeling that we are no better informed than communist countries—that restrict and control, and even alter the news. When I was younger, I remember hearing how people in Russia have no idea of the freedom we enjoy, because their media only gives them the news they want them to hear—to keep them in control. Well in this country we are doing the same thing. Most of the media is liberal and pro Democrat, and so they are always praising Dem candidates and criticizing Republicans, especially conservatives. They do talk about Trump, but 95% of their coverage of Him is negative, or just false. It really is fake news!

I buy a newspaper every day, mainly for the funnies and to check the sports pages. But I do read over some of the frontpage news articles. And without exception the coverage is slanted—a negative, liberal slant against Trump and the GOP. It’s really disheartening. My Pioneer Press isn’t as bad as CNN, but it’s still slanted.

I remember talking to one of my clients (I’m a house painter) a while ago. I think I was listening to a Fox News radio program, and she interjected something about how bad she thought Trump was. Oh, he did this and believes that and is so racist, etc. I could tell she was a CNN listener. She was just parroting what she had heard.  I tried telling her some of the good things President Trump has been doing, but she didn’t believe any of it. It was like foreign to her. It’s sad. So many people are so brain washed.

You know, in spite of the terrible impeachment fiasco, I think it has a good side. Since it has been televised, many are for the first-time hearing both sides—if they choose to listen. It is always good to hear both sides. I even try to force myself to hear the liberal view, to see where they are coming from.

And I know that many Dems are good people—I mean they honestly are seeking the truth. But so many are blinded by evil forces. The devil keeps them from the truth. But that is a whole different topic for another time.

My New Interest In Politics

During the Bush (Jr) years I was sort of interested in politics. But I think I was more forced into it by all that was happening in the country—you know, the Twin Towers. So tragic! Everybody was glued to their set, and concerned, and praying. And I was so proud of the President, the way he took charge.

I remained sort of interested in politics during the Obama years, but for a different reason. I was always praying that our people wouldn’t give up in the face of so much corruption in the government. As I witnessed more and more Christians around the world being persecuted and denied help from our countries it drove me to prayer. As I saw Muslims being let in and put in positions of government, my mind turned to bible prophecy—thinking about end times. You know, I just couldn’t believe how our country and the media loved Obama so much when he was doing such terrible things—and how Mrs. Clinton was involved too.

I looked forward to the next election. Anything was better than Obama. The wicked Clinton was running against a dozen Republicans. At first, I was rooting for the Florida Senator, Marco Rubio. By the things he was saying he sounded pretty good. He seemed smart and serious and good for the country. And he is a Christian. A plus! I was also a little interested in the other Bush brother and also Ted Cruz. I noticed that the billionaire Trump was running, but he was way down in the polls. Everybody thought he was a joke—that he wasn’t really a serious candidate. And I thought that way too. I didn’t much care for him—I don’t know why. I think maybe it was all the money he had, and he tended to flaunt it.

Well, toward the end of the election process Mr. Trump rose up in the polls, until it was Trump, Rubio and Cruz. I had a bad feeling that Trump would be the nominee. How could it happen? But I’ve always loved a winner, so I slowly developed a strange attraction to him. I continued to dislike him, but at the same time I grew to like him.

I decided that I was going to study this guy myself instead of just listening to the media. I read articles on the controversy with his business college. Most of it, especially from the media, was negative. But then I slowly was hearing some positive things—people that graduated actually had some good things to say. I began to discover that there were two sides. The Dems and all the media were always negative about him, but I discovered that many people actually liked him. Before long I was on his side and was cheering for him. I read a couple of his books and was more motivated. The one I really liked was The Art of the Deal.

This guy is a great guy! He is smart, a great business man, a great motivator, he gets things done, and he never quits. The thing I was so impressed with in his book is that he was going, going, going all the time. If he wasn’t making deals on the phone, he was out on a job directing workers and motivating them. He has so much energy and he was loving his work. I was amazed at all the buildings he has built—and huge sky scrapers. An amazing man.

And so, I became hooked on Trump. I listened to all the debates and the rallies. I also tuned into Fox news. I don’t have cable so I just get on to the web sites and watch the ten minutes news clips. I do it every day—probably too much. I have been amazed by the contrast between Fox news and other news like CNN. I am convinced that FOX is the best by far—the most truthful. Actually, CNN and MSNBC are a joke. It’s not really news; it’s pure opinion, pure bios and disgusting. But I am amazed by people who tune into it and swear by it—as if it were all true! Of course, they think that FOX is disgusting.

Well, I think I have written enough for this article so I will quite here. Next time I think I will just continue with this topic. I can hardly wait to hear what I have to say. Ha, ha!

My New Free-Flowing Blogging Style

This is my second article for my new personal blog. Actually, I wrote it a while back but now I’m rewriting it because I thought it would work well for this new blog. I have four other blogs going: a prayer blog which I started I think in 2011, then a few years later I began a bible prophecy blog, and then more recently I began a political blog and also a nature blog. The first two blogs are still going fairly well, but the nature blog and the political blog aren’t doing well at all. So, I have decided to delete those and put this one in its place. It will be freer flowing and easier. The following is the article I wrote a while ago. I think everything is still relevant.

My New Free-Flowing Blogging Style

Up till now, when I’ve blogged, I will usually study a subject, do research, or go off of other sources, especially on the topic of politics and government. I just haven’t felt confident enough, or really smart enough. I have never really been interested in politics or government so I have felt that I need more input. But recently I have been thinking that it would be good for me to think more on my own, to develop my own thoughts. I think it would stretch my mind out a little. And I think it would help me to be able to more freely and confidently express my thoughts—even though most people tend to be quiet on the subject of politics. They are so afraid to talk about it—about Trump. I guess we are afraid of starting a fight and a very tense situation. People where I live—in Minnesota—don’t like that. We are Minnesota nice. We are so polite.

I’m not sure what I will blog about on this subject, whether it will be just rambling, or on a particular topic. I think I should have some direction, some topic. Here are a few political topics I have in mind:

  • How I got more interested in politics
  • How I have been thinking about President Trump
  • The evil democrat party
  • The never Trumpers
  • Why the Dems are so hateful of Donald Trump?
  • What will become of the U.S. if Trump gets re-elected, or if a liberal like Bernie Sanders get elected.

Wow, that sounds scary to think of Bernie Sanders as President. But sadly, I think our country may be headed in that direction…. after Trump.

But maybe we should think more positively. Maybe 2020-2024, with the house and senate as Republican we will see the country being forever set in a new direction, with a godlier government. We should pray that way. We can be a shining light to the world—until the Rapture. After that I think the U.S. will be gone. I mean since so many of our people will be taken to heaven, I’m afraid other countries will sweep us up—like the EU.

Well, these are my new thoughts. Hopefully, the Lord willing, I will be able to continue on this path of freer blogging. Maybe next time I will have something more specific to blog about.