Identity Politics: Does it Unite or Divide?

You may not be too familiar with this term. I wasn’t, until I read Sean Hannity’s book, Live Free or Die. Let me just reflect on what he wrote about identity politics.

He said, “[It] permeates every policy idea they [Democrats] have.”

Biden is one of worst at this. He said, “I’ll appoint the first black woman to the court,” and “I commit that I’ll pick a woman to be vice president.” And he has made so many other identity comments.

To me, the group Black Lives Matter is also using identity politics. It is playing the victim card and separating an entire race of people from everyone else. To me, the way to help a group of suffering people is not to keep drawing attention to their past suffering and to demand reparations; but instead, to treat them as equals and give them the same opportunities as everyone else. And also, just to love them as everyone else.

As Hannity points out, “Instead of unifying us as a people, it [identity politics] divides us as oppressors and oppressed, whites’ verses minorities, gays verses straights, and men verses women.

Unity and peace demand that we treat everyone the same and look past their skin color and ethnicity and sex. We are all of equal importance and value in the eyes of God. And so, whenever we choose someone for an important position, we ought not regard anything about a person except their qualification for that position. And when we are choosing a friend, let us regard all people and try to befriend them all. Friendship sees no color or race; it sees only a person worthy of love.