Colon Cleansing: Important for Good Health

Today I will begin to write about what I have learned over the years on how to maintain good health. And I think I will start in this blog with talking about my colon. I have heard—and I believe it—that most of the health problems people have begin in the colon. That makes sense to me. A clean colon makes for a healthy body.

For about 35 years now, every morning, I have used a colon cleanser. Very simply, I just mix a heaping teaspoon of psyllium husk in a tall glass of water, and I drink it the first thing in the morning before breakfast (you must take it before you eat). In addition, I also eat unsalted sunflower nuts all during the day. The combination of those things really does it for me. It keeps me going regularly and keeps my pluming (colon) clean. I told my doctor what I was doing and he seemed impressed! In favor of it.

I was trying to think back on when I first decided to start this ritual. I think it was right after a very frightening thing happened to me 30 years ago.  I fainted. And it happened during a church service. Very embarrassing. I was just glad I was sitting toward the back. I had blacked out, and I know why.  I was badly constipated (and maybe had a touch of the flu) and my body had shut down. I know that that doesn’t happen to most people. Everybody’s different. I’m a fainter. I take after my mother. She’s a fainter. Anyway, my point is, my body was reacting to what was happening in my colon. I was clogged up. For many people, they develop colon cancer. I’m glad that hasn’t happened to me. The way I eat sometimes, I’m surprised. But I know the colon drink and the nuts has helped.

I know that most people would say that, had they been in my situation, they would go to a doctor right away. And maybe I did, I can’t remember. If you feel that you should go to a doctor, then by all means, go. But I also want to say that there are many instances where you can just use your common sense. There are many home remedies out there that won’t hardly cost you anything and will have no side effects. I don’t think we should regard doctors as gods and just automatically think they have all the answers. Many of our health problems we can figure out ourselves—after we have done some research.

And if your doctor is a good one, he will tell you the same thing. I have found many times that if I call my doctor and talk to a nurse first, she will ask me, well, what have you tried? A good doctor or nurse will assume that you will first put on you thinking cap and try to figure it out first. Maybe in past days doctors would want you to rely only on them; but, I think it seems more and more these days that doctors want you to use you own brain and try to figure out what your body is telling you, and maybe to try eating healthier foods.

Yes, in many cases, before spending so much money on doctor’s visits, you may want to do your own self-evaluation. I find the internet to be very helpful, and there are so many good health books out there. I hope this discussion was helpful.  I would appreciate any comments.

Please note that what I have said here is only my opinion. I have no medical degrees. Again, as I have mentioned above, if you think you should see a doctor about you condition, then be all means make an appointment.