My Pillow Guy Being Shut Down for Revealing the Truth About Voter Fraud

Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, has put together a presentation to show you absolute proof that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by election fraud—that involved other countries. And he has done it at a high price. Many of the companies that were sponsoring him have shut his My Pillow ads down. Even his My Pillow web site has been shut down.

If you have any doubts about whether the election was stolen or not, you may want to click on Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’ Video to see and hear this presentation at

The presentation is put on by various cyber forensic experts, and very professionally done. You will see…

  • The typical ways that fraud was committed by voting twice, dead people voting, etc. Then you will see how most of the fraudulent votes in key counties were accomplished: they were flipped by voting machines.
  • All the manipulation of votes came from foreign countries. Yes, foreign countries, like China, were hacked into our voting machines and were changing or cancelling the votes.
  • You will hear how there were only two cases where fraudulent evidence was heard by judges (and they are looking at the evidence now).
  • You will hear that from inside our own government people were involved in shutting down any investigations. It was a coup by people inside and by other countries. Our FBI did nothing except to harass our own people who were reporting cases of fraud.
  • You will hear and see much more. The presentation is over an hour long.  

Americans: Do Not Concede to a Fraudulent Election

I was energized this morning when I read a few tweets by faithful Americans.


We the people refuse to concede to a fraudulent election.

Evan Kilgore

There is a difference between not having the evidence and not hearing the evidence.

Yes, I agree. I am tired of hearing that there is not any real evidence of voter fraud. There are mounds and mound of evidence of voter fraud. The problem is, the judges will not take the time hear all the evidence. They are unconcerned. They don’t have the time. Or they don’t think that it will be enough evidence to make a difference. Well, good grief. Judges, just do your job. If there was any fraud committed, it should be dealt with, and prosecuted.

Sidney Powell

This “election” was stolen from the voters in a massive fraud… American elections are supposed to be completely auditable and transparent. We the people demand the truth and the prosecutions of all who committed voter fraud.