8 Teachings of Jesus on Prayer — Teaching #6

Prayer A to Z

 Jesus taught that prayer should be in unity with others (Matthew 18:19-20) 

Sometimes when we pray we are not in unity and in agreement with others.  But we should always strive for unity—that is, unity in the body of Christ.  We can never have unity and agreement with those outside of the body of Christ, but we should always strive for unity within the body.  For the body of Christ is one, of which we are all part.  Therefore, since each of us (in the Christian church) is a part for the body of Christ it is natural that our prayers should be united and flow together in agreement by the power of the Holy Spirit.

At first it was hard for me to find in the gospels where Jesus taught this idea of unity in prayer (other then in Matthew 18:19-20); but then, as I studied it, it…

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The Sociable Turtle

Whenever I see turtles they are usually together with others, setting on a log. The same can be said of birds, perching on a telephone wire. And the same is true for many humans; and for believers, some have a rare pleasant fellowship. David said,

Behold. how good and how pleasant it is

for brothers to dwell together in unity.

Psalm 133:1