Twelve Reasons to Fast

Prayer A to Z

Twelve Reasons to Fast


1.  To humble self so God can use me.  In fasting we attempt to bring ourselves to a humble state so God can make us holy, so we will be willing to seek Him, able to minister to Him, honor Him, and do His will (e.g. Ezra 8:21).


2.  To express grief and repentance for sin, and for deliverance.  If we fast to express repentance, it will also be for deliverance.  When Ninevah fasted they did turn from their evil way, but their main purpose was to avert God’s wrath.  And that is just what happened.  “…God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God relented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon them…” (Jonah 3:10).          

We in America also need to repent with fasting because of our evil (e. g. materialism, sensuality, pornography, and…

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Failure in Prayer—26 Reasons Why Prayers Often Fail

Prayer A to Z

To help you remember these 26 points, I have categorized them alphabetically–A to Z.

Authority – Prayers fail when we don’t pray with authority.

BurdenPrayers fail when we do not allow ourselves to be burdened with prayer needs.

Confidence – Prayers fail when we don’t have confidence in God

Desire – We don’t desire Him.

Earnestness – We don’t pray with earnestness.

Fasting – We refuse to fast.

God’s way – We don’t pray God’s way.

Holy Spirit – We don’t pray in the Holy Spirit.

Importunity – We don’t pray with importunity.

Jesus Name – We do not pray in Jesus Name.

Kneeling – We have not prayed using the appropriate prayer posture.

Length of prayer – we aren’t willing to pray long enough.

Motives – We pray with wrong motives.

Needs – We don’t see the real needs.

Obedience – We do not obey God.


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