What Has Happened to Barnes and Noble?

Just a few months ago I thought Barnes and Noble was great. They would put out all the best-selling new releases and they were all discounted. But now it’s all different. It almost seems like they have an agenda. The only books that are up-front and discounted are the books they want to sell. And not coincidentally, they are all the anti-Trump books.

Okay, I should be fair; maybe they are putting up-front the books they think will sell. Maybe. But it is more likely that they are putting up-front the books they want to sell. Whichever it is, it is very evident and offensive—at least to me. The first think you see when you walk in the door is about 50 copies of Disloyal by Michael Cohen displayed very provocatively. Then a few steps down are 30 or 40 copies of the book, Too Much-Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, by Mary L. Trump. Disgusting! Well, it’s quite evident to me that Barnes and Noble has an agenda. They know what books they want people to buy and they will put those books up-front so we can’t miss them.

Oh, I can usually find the book I want, but it will always take me a while to find it. And it’s never discounted even though it is a best-seller.