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The First Seal Judgment — Revelation 6:1-2

Studying Bible Prophecy

As you can see from the text, the biblical record of the seal judgments—as well as all of the judgments—are quite short. For that reason, and since this is such an important subject, I will endeavor to look at each part thoroughly.

The Lamb Breaks the Seals

Before we get to this first seal, there are a couple of points that I want to go over. First of all, it comes to our attention that the Lamb breaks the seals. Why does the bible use the term “Lamb” and not “Jesus” or “the Lord?” Why use this name? What is the significance of the name Lamb here?

Well, I’ll give it a try. First of all, using the term “Lamb” will be a constant reminder to us, and to all, that He was and is the true Passover Lamb (Is. 53:7); He is the One whom the Jews were believing…

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Guidelines for Fasting

Prayer A to Z



Here are 16 guidelines for fasting taken from my book Prayer A to Z.  This list is very brief.  For more information you can get my e-book by clicking on Prayer A to Z.


1.  Most importantly, your fast must be a fast that God chooses.  If it is a fast that God chooses then He will lead you and give you the right motives.  You will be fasting for Him and not for any selfish reason (Is. 58:3-5).


2.  Pray about your fast and set objectives.  Before you start, make it clear in your mind how you believe God wants you to fast.  Then determine that you will fast that way.


3.  Be flexible in your fasting plans.  If you have planned to fast on a certain day, and, because of circumstances, it will not work out, move your fast to…

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Easter: A Christian Holiday

Easter is to be a wholly Christian holiday. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, and also the Christian’s resurrection to new life in Christ. The non-Christian can have no part in this holiday—because he or she has not been resurrected into new life. They have no spiritual life. They are spiritually dead.

If the non-Christian tries to celebrate Easter at all, its real meaning will be foreign to them. They will not be able to relate to it. I suppose they can acknowledge the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection, but it will have no meaning for them. And I wonder if they even truly believe in His resurrection.

So, for the non-Christian, the only meaning they can possibly get from Easter is that it is a time for family and friends to come together and to share a meal together. And they would say that it is especially for the kids: to enjoy the chocolate Easter bunnies and the traditional Easter egg hunt. These times will serve as a diversion from thinking of the real meaning of Easter.

Now for those of you non-Christians who traditionally show up at church on Easter Sunday; you of course are welcome. And I invite you to listen to the pastor and the music. But please, don’t think just by going you will get any points with God—for an entrance into heaven. The best thing you can do is to seek God and listen to His voice. Ask Him how you can be saved from your sins and from a life of sin. He is waiting for you to come to Him and truly believe in Him.

An Introduction to the Seal Judgments: Four Points

Studying Bible Prophecy

This blog is a segment of the book I am presently writing on the Tribulation. Today I will present an introduction to the seal judgments in four points.

There is a parallel prophecy of the seal judgments in Matthew 24:4-7. Take a look at this passage in Matthew and you will see four prophetic events: false Christs (verse 4-5), wars and rumors of war (verse 6-7a), famines (verse 7b), and earthquakes (verse 7).

Now open your bible to Revelation six, and you will see basically the same thing. In verse two we read of a white horse, and a rider who will be posing as Christ; but he will be the Antichrist. Then in verses three and four (the second seal) we see a red horse, which speaks of war. Thirdly, in verses five and six (the third seal) we see a black horse, signifying famine; and fourth, in verses…

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Twelve Reasons to Fast

Prayer A to Z

Twelve Reasons to Fast


1.  To humble self so God can use me.  In fasting we attempt to bring ourselves to a humble state so God can make us holy, so we will be willing to seek Him, able to minister to Him, honor Him, and do His will (e.g. Ezra 8:21).


2.  To express grief and repentance for sin, and for deliverance.  If we fast to express repentance, it will also be for deliverance.  When Ninevah fasted they did turn from their evil way, but their main purpose was to avert God’s wrath.  And that is just what happened.  “…God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God relented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon them…” (Jonah 3:10).          

We in America also need to repent with fasting because of our evil (e. g. materialism, sensuality, pornography, and…

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How African Americans were Lured into the Democratic Party

After the Civil War almost all blacks became Republicans—the party of Lincoln. So what happened along the way?

Why are they now almost all Democrats? 

And why did Democrats go from demonizing blacks to loving them?

Why did the Democrats go from the party of racism to the party of civil rights?

How can Democrats deny their racism? That they brought in the Ku Klux Klan? That it was the Dems that were the slave owners and the Big Bosses of the slave plantations?

I suppose most Democrats will say that they have changed. Really?

What Happened?

Okay, let’s talk about what really happened. After the Civil War most blacks became Republicans. But they were greatly demonized and abused for it by the Democrat party. And Woodrow Wilson really put a scare into them through the Ku Klux Klan. That scared some of them to vote Democrat.

Then under FDR with his New Deal many more blacks went to the Democrat side. Later, under LBJ many more turned Democratic. Why? What happened?

Many have said that LBJ was suddenly converted; that he was changed from his crude racism to being a nice guy and loving blacks—because of his Civil Rights Act. But that’s not true at all. He was always the same. His Civil Rights Act was all part of a strategy to get the black vote.

Who Was LBJ?

  • He was nasty, a bully, crude, selfish, sexually abusive, a pervert and full of infidelities that he liked to boast about.
  • He liked to lord it over people.
  • He was a typical Democratic “plantation boss.”
  • He commonly used the terms “nigger” and “uppity nigger.”
  • LBJ never changed (got better). He was always the same crude racist.
  • He especially talked crude to the black people that worked for a him as a way of intimidating and lording over them (I could give you some examples, but I won’t).

LBJ’s plan to get blacks into the Democrat party and vote Democrat

During the 50s and 60s, mainly because of the overthrow of Hitler, racism was declining fast all over the country, especially in the south. Many were voting for the first time. These things were a big problem for the Democrats, and LBJ watched in horror. Why? Because white supremacy had been the central political doctrine in the Democratic party for a century.

What would LBJ do to make blacks come into the Democratic party and vote Democratic?

  1. LBJ saw a way to exploit the insecurities and fears of the black man. After the Civil War when the slaves were emancipated, most of them were quite fearful and insecure. Most slaves had been born slaves and that’s all they knew. They were, you might say, institutionalized as slaves. Many of them looked back at slavery, and thought those days were better than being free. Why? Because, even though they were abused, they were always housed and fed and clothed and told what to do. And so, freedom for them was something new and they were afraid of it. So LBJ gave them the Great Society.
  2. What did the Great Society do for them? It made it so that they didn’t have to work. They got a regular welfare check, just enough to survive on. This government money was their new plantation, where the government cared for them. They would look to the government as a new type of plantation Big House. All they had to do was vote Democrat. And if they couldn’t get to the polling place, the democrats would bus them.
  3. LBJ pushed the Civil Rights Act. He did it not because he had changed. It was all to get the black vote. This strategy was revealed one day in what LBJ told two governors in regard to the Civil Rights Act: He said, “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.”
  4. He pushed the Voting Rights Act. For the same reason as above.


Blacks didn’t leave the Republican Party because of any ideas of White Supremacy of the Republicans. That wasn’t even true. They left because of the welfare checks they would get. They wanted to be taken care of. In other words, FDR and LBJ exploited their fears and lured them in,.

Donald Trump has made some impact on the blacks, to get them off the Democrat welfare system.

  • To get them working for themselves
  • To encouraged them to get a job
  • To be free of slavery in the Democratic slave plantation

Trump at his rally’s kept saying to the blacks, “What have you got to lose?”

Personalities in the Tribulation: Jesus Christ – Part 2

Studying Bible Prophecy

Certainly, Jesus Christ must be included in the list of Tribulation personalities; for He is the underlying theme of Revelation. He is the central figure. In my study I have found seven different titles for Jesus Christ: Lamb, Son of man, Jesus, Faithful and True, Word of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We will highlight these titles as we present Him to you in chronological order as He appears in the Tribulation. In an earlier blog I wrote on Jesus the Lamb. In this blog we will deal with the six other of His names.

The Son of man will be the leading reaper in the judgment (Rev. 14:14-16). In this vision of John’s, he sees a white cloud and one like a son of man sitting on the cloud. I think we can be fairly sure that the Son of man is Jesus, because He has…

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Eight Descriptions of Fasting

Prayer A to Z

The following is an excrept from my e-book Prayer A to Z.  

 Eight Descriptions of Fasting

1.  It is abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.  The Hebrew word for fast (tsuwn) means “to cover the mouth.”  The Greek word (nesteia) means “not to eat.”  Therefore fasting means primarily to abstain from food.  As for the second part of our description, “for spiritual reasons,” that comes from the Biblical context and from the purpose the Bible gives for fasting.  Accordingly, it was for spiritual reasons that Jesus fasted, and why Moses, David, Elijah, and all the others fasted.  And it is why the Bible teaches us to fast (Is. 58:6-9).  We can certainly fast for other reasons, but, as I can see, the main reason why God has called us to fast is for spiritual reasons—to improve our relationship with God.  Some would argue that our physical…

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Discussing the Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus – 6 points

Prayer A to Z

empty tomb

1. If you want to get all the post resurrection appearances of Jesus in chronological order and to get a true and clear picture of what happened in each case you really need to look at all the gospels. Some gospels give more detail than others. Also, 1 Corinthians 15:5-7 is also helpful, as it actually give us the order of some of them.

2. In the first two appearances to Mary Magdalene and to the other two women, it is difficult to tell who Jesus appeared to first. But here is the way I see that it happened: 1) all three women got to the tomb together and were told by an angel that Jesus had risen and to go and give the news to His disciples (Mark 16:6-7). 2) I think Mary M. out ran the other two women. She gave the message to Peter and John, returned…

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