3 Trends Leading to A One-World Economy

These notes are taken from the book, Foreshadows:12 Megaclues that Jesus’ Return Is Nearer Than Ever, by Steve Miller.

1. We are closing the gap between developed and underdeveloped nations. China recently invested $400 billion on infrastructure projects in the Middle Eastern nation of Iran in exchange for an ongoing supply of heavily discounted oil. But this is a debt-trap for them. Apparently, China is giving them a loan to do the infrastructure and they have to pay it back with interest. And you know that China—as seemingly is being generous—is mainly interested in political or a military control over a nation and eventually the world. Yes, they are interested in world control.

2. We are moving toward a cashless and digital economy. This makes a lot of sense. I am all in favor of it. However, we see it as a sign that the Antichrist system is closer.

3. We are moving closer to a one-world central bank and currency. Once everyone is required to use bank-issued digital currencies, it will become possible for the world to go truly cashless and we will enter an era where totalitarian-style economic surveillance is a reality. Soon all buying and selling will be controlled by the mark of the beast.

I am not so afraid of being cashless; I am almost cashless now. I just don’t like the thought of being controlled. And that’s what it is coming to. However, we all should rest in the thought that God is always with us and is for us. He will not leave us. And He is soon coming for us.


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