Poor Logging Cleanup

I recently went to visit relatives in southern Missouri. Where I stayed they contracted loggers to come and harvest their large trees–they had many acers of forest land. Well, what I saw was horrifying to me. They had cut down and hauled away just what they wanted and left the rest. There was very little clean-up of the land. It looked like a tornado hit it–you can see from the pictures. I’m not sure what the laws are in Missouri, but what was done is just wrong. You just can’t take want you want and leave the rest. I thought of when the buffalo poachers would kill so many buffalo just for their hides and leave the the dead buffalo lying all over on the prairie. (I saw this in the movie, Dances with Wolves).

3 thoughts on “Poor Logging Cleanup

  1. Being a tree planter for thirteen years they did what was right.
    I see nothing wrong with what they did.
    They cut the tree’s that make them money, why cut tree’s that they will lose money on?
    The windrows ( the rows of cut tree’s piled up ) they left there will protect the seedlings that will be planted from the wind and snow as well as prevent soil erosion. They will also prevent the rain water from flooding the surrounding area.
    Trust me, they have cleaned up a lot since I started planting thity years ago.


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