Easter: A Christian Holiday

Easter is to be a wholly Christian holiday. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, and also the Christian’s resurrection to new life in Christ. The non-Christian can have no part in this holiday—because he or she has not been resurrected into new life. They have no spiritual life. They are spiritually dead.

If the non-Christian tries to celebrate Easter at all, its real meaning will be foreign to them. They will not be able to relate to it. I suppose they can acknowledge the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection, but it will have no meaning for them. And I wonder if they even truly believe in His resurrection.

So, for the non-Christian, the only meaning they can possibly get from Easter is that it is a time for family and friends to come together and to share a meal together. And they would say that it is especially for the kids: to enjoy the chocolate Easter bunnies and the traditional Easter egg hunt. These times will serve as a diversion from thinking of the real meaning of Easter.

Now for those of you non-Christians who traditionally show up at church on Easter Sunday; you of course are welcome. And I invite you to listen to the pastor and the music. But please, don’t think just by going you will get any points with God—for an entrance into heaven. The best thing you can do is to seek God and listen to His voice. Ask Him how you can be saved from your sins and from a life of sin. He is waiting for you to come to Him and truly believe in Him.


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