An Introduction to the Seal Judgments: Four Points

Studying Bible Prophecy

This blog is a segment of the book I am presently writing on the Tribulation. Today I will present an introduction to the seal judgments in four points.

There is a parallel prophecy of the seal judgments in Matthew 24:4-7. Take a look at this passage in Matthew and you will see four prophetic events: false Christs (verse 4-5), wars and rumors of war (verse 6-7a), famines (verse 7b), and earthquakes (verse 7).

Now open your bible to Revelation six, and you will see basically the same thing. In verse two we read of a white horse, and a rider who will be posing as Christ; but he will be the Antichrist. Then in verses three and four (the second seal) we see a red horse, which speaks of war. Thirdly, in verses five and six (the third seal) we see a black horse, signifying famine; and fourth, in verses…

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