The Meaning of Wokeism — 9 Points

A general description of woke, in Wikipedia, is “being alert to racial prejudice and discrimination. It later came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities such as sexism.

Perhaps a more specific definition more adapted from the left-wing movement is this: Wokeism is a movement to indoctrinate people into believing that white people are oppressors and that they need to “wake up” to that reality (from Beyond Biden).

I’m sure that if we were to interview ten different people on the street and ask them what wokeism is, that we would get ten different answers. Wokeism is a fairly new (or changing) concept and there is probably a lot of confusion about it. But we should know this: it is a concept and a movement that is Marxist, and it is being taught in our universities. And the movement is growing and it is evil and immoral; and it is against all that we know to be good, moral and right.

For this post I will take nine excerpts from chapter six of the book Beyond Biden, by Newt Gingrich on the topic of understanding wokeism. I am sure that Gingrich has done his homework on this subject—he has forty-six end notes on this chapter alone. Here goes…

What is wokeism?

  1. Wokeism is a toxic stew of left-wing philosophies that have merged into a self-perpetuating eruption of destructive nonsense flowing down from our universities into our K-12 classrooms, corporate boardrooms, and government centers. (Please read on.)
  2. The woke [those that believe in and teach wokeism] don’t care about truth, only about the advancement of their narrative.
  3. Critical theory teaches the woke (those that are just getting into this movement) that there is a hierarchy of oppression in the world. At the top sit straight, white Christian men. They have the most of what the woke call “privilege,” and because of that, their opinions should be dismissed.
  4. Anyone who expresses opinions that do not fit into the woke narrative is declared to have an inauthentic voice or having internalized oppression/racism.
  5. The woke believe racism pervades all of society, affects all our institutions and policies, and manifests itself in every single interaction we have as a people. As a result of this mindset, the woke see racism everywhere and feel compelled to “call it out” so it can be dismantled. (So, I suppose this is the basis for the rioting and what we call the great reset.)
  6. The idea of “whiteness” is a key concept for the woke and they want white people to become hyperaware of their racial identity. On this idea, a speaker of The Yale School of Medicine’s Department, Dr. Aruna Khilanani said, “White people are out of their minds and have been for a long time. She then bragged about cutting most white people out of her life. (This sound like Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago.) 
  7. Ibram Kendi stated explicitly that schools should be used as centers of indoctrination rather than education. He argues that teachers must teach their students anti-racist ideas. However, as an anti-racist scholar said, “I am white. White people can never be anything but oppressors…Being complicit with racism is something that we as white people just are.
  8. The woke define whiteness in purely negative terms and then force white people to identify with that negativity. This, said Newt Gingrich, is cultlike behavior and is the first step in brainwashing.
  9. Wokeism claims that American ideals (such as hard work and merit) are a lie since it is part of the white culture.

My Conclusion

You know, after pondering all this, the main idea I get from wokeism is that it is very childish and immature behavior. It is like what a group of misbehaved children would think of saying and doing to some other kids that they are mad at. They have no moral compass. They are just striking out, expressing their anger, saying: you got me so now I’m gonna get you. But the only real solution for all of us is to cry out to God for help. God alone will heal our wounds. He will give us a new heart and a new life so that we can all live together in harmony, black and white and brown together.


6 thoughts on “The Meaning of Wokeism — 9 Points

  1. The enemy of our planet has just created his own faux enemy to make it look like someone has taken him down while controling the way he is taken down just so he can do what satan does and that is he just changes identity and still does the same evil destruction of our planet and de balls the human race by making men ball’less, docile servants and women something you only need an hour at a time. Men need to be men and women need to be women and stop acting like little disgusting vermin that will watch sh*t drop for a living. Look up the words dignity and pride and see if you can put the two together and become a member of the human race that would be insulted if some little moron assigned you toilet watch duty or the life of the orgy as a profession.
    Everything this cult does is illegal and needs to be shut down or made to have respect for the law and especially respect for the privacy of ever person on the planet who are violated everyday by people with a sexual disorder who have access to surveillance devices that can see through over 1 millions miles of concrete and record it and store it for when ever you say something they don’t like.
    Too much to say about something that no word exists to describe how wrong this cult is… I would like this cult to go on national Tv and tell the truth about their daily operations and see if the people of this world would approve of their ongoing abortion that is unknowingly funded by hard working tax payers that think they actually get something good in return for their taxes.

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    • This cult discriminates against the heterosexuals of this world. The leader of this cult believes that only homosexuals can be successful in this world. Artificial intelligence is not artificial, it’s really a heterosexual in a virtual world doing something that generates big money for this cult but never gets the recognition or any payment for his intellectual property… the money and fake recognition goes to some gay person that is paid to harass, torture, violate and attempt to murder the targeted person known as Artificial intelligence. Most don’t even know that they are being violated and robbed in some virtual world where they are doing something that they would be doing in the current world if they were not systematically oppressed by this disgusting cult of psychotic sociopaths of the very worst kind. Law enforcement knows about them, but look the other way because they are not the right people for the job due to a mental disorder called nympho psychosis and greed caused by syphilis.
      Also, I believe every member of congress has syphilis too and that’s a problem that affects everybody when a crime against humanity is being committed and they just look the other way after the leader of this cult hands them endless amounts of stolen money.

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