The First Interlude: The 144,000 Witnesses and The Great Multitude (Revelation 7:1-17) – Part 1

Studying Bible Prophecy

Suddenly, as the cosmic disturbances were still stirring and as people were still hiding from the wrath of God (as I believe that all of the judgments will be continuous), God gave John another scene to look at; a scene, which we will call an interlude, to show us how God throughout the Tribulation will be working to evangelize and redeem certain ones who will choose to believe in Him.

This interlude will answer the question posed in Revelation 6:17: Who is able to stand? That is, who is able to survive the wrath of God during the Tribulation? The answer found in this seventh chapter is that two distinct groups will survive: 1) the 144,000 Jewish witnesses, and 2) their converts who will be martyred but immediately raised into heaven.

So, this, in general terms, is the purpose of this interlude: to give us this wonderful news of souls…

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