With All Due Respect, by Nikki Haley: Book Review

I just finished reading her book. I wish I would have highlighted more lines, because she had a lot of good things to say—much wisdom. But anyway, I’ll do my best at giving you my overall thoughts and just a few details from the book.

In the first couple chapters Nikki recounted the events of the Charleston murders and how she was affected. You could definitely see her tender and caring heart through the pages—how she had a hard time holding her tears back as she went to every funeral and spoke. This happened when she was still governor.

I’m not sure most people knew this, but Trump really wanted Nikki Haley as his Secretary of State. But she turned him down. A week later he had another offer—U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. At first, she was reluctant, but she eventually agreed, which had a lot to do with her husband Michael and her family; they all were quite excited about the idea.

She recounted how the critics were doubting her ability to do the job and how she actually liked being underestimated, how it motivated her to prove them wrong. She wrote how she spent long hours reading and preparing for the job and how her family was helping her prepare.

One of the strong points of her ambassadorship was how she stood up in front of all the U.N. for Israel—how she said that she was “taking names.” She wrote how there were other countries who agreed with her on many of her bold stances but how they wouldn’t say anything out of fear. She is a lot like Trump in that they are both fighters and act and speak boldly without fear.

I really like reading how she had continual conflicts with and stood up to John Kelly and Tillerson. She recounted how their ideas of saving the country was to stay in the Iran Nuclear Deal and in the Paris climate agreement and by keeping the US embassy in Tel Aviv. She wrote how they secretly came to her and were trying to convince her that what the President was doing was wrong and that they were right. Well, you know how that ended. The President got his way and Kelly and Tillerson were fired. She said, “It was a pleasure and a relief to work with [Mike Pompeo], a Secretary of State who actually supported the President’s agenda and didn’t seek to undermine him.”

Toward the end of the book Nikki Haley wrote how she did her best to improve the situation in a couple African countries where in the refugee camps the women were constantly raped and women and children were murdered and burned alive! She told of how she stood up to the dictators and told them that she was aware of what was going on. She also wrote about what has been going on in Venezuela. But I was surprised when she said, “The day will come when the people of Venezuela and Cuba join the hemisphere of freedom.” I wish I had that same hope.

Update: Book Reading, Book Writing

I can’t think of anything in particular to write on that would be enough for a blog. But there are a few things I’m thinking about that, put together, would give you an update of what’s going on with me. Let me first tell you about the books I’m reading. The book I just put down a minute ago is Nikki Haley’s book, With All Due Respect. It will never be a best seller, but I enjoy reading it. I liked her before I started reading it, but now even more. She has a good character and I loved how she stood up to the people at the UN over their disrespect for Israel. I also love how she stood up to Kelly and Tillerson over their divisiveness against President Trump. It was refreshing.

Another book I’m reading is a very large book, The Presidents Fact Book, on all the Presidents and also their wives. It is very interesting and kind of fun to read. It’s a book that I might read again, because it is so loaded with valuable information—a good book of history; and we need to learn history before it is lost, because so many crazy people these days want to destroy our history.

As I refill my coffee cup, let me share my thoughts on a possible next book to write. Actually, I’m just finishing my latest two books: one entitled, After the Rapture: What Happens On Earth and in Heaven After the Rapture; and another book on my life story, which I don’t have a title for yet. I’m presently self-editing them, then I will write an intro for both of them, and then go through the publishing process.

So anyway, I’m already thinking of what my next book project will be. My most enduring thought is to do a book on a book of the bible. I don’t consider myself a biblical scholar, so it wouldn’t be a book of any great depth. My thought is that I need to be more in the word, so I thought that a writing project would help me get there. One thought would be to writing on the book of Revelation. I kind of wanted to write on the Tribulation anyway, so maybe that would be a good option.

Another idea is to delve into a book like Ephesians. I know that would be quite beneficial for me—for my spiritual life. I think I might enjoy getting into the Greek, doing word studies; and also, getting into the history of those times; and just determining what the main themes of the book are. Mostly, I would hope that the writing would bring me closer to Him, and that my thoughts would be constantly on Him and His wonderful words of grace and truth.

I find that since I am more and more retired, and that my painting jobs are fewer, I have more time now to do whatever. I pray that that whatever is well spent. Retirement time can be foolishly wasted. I pray that that won’t be true of me.