Daniel 9:3-27: Daniel’s Prayer and God’s Immediate Answer

Studying Bible Prophecy

Daniel prayingIn an earlier post I mentioned how Daniel’s prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27) clearly shows both the time line and the purpose of the rapture. We will continue now in this post to look at the situation of the prophecy, which is Daniel’s prayer. We will also look briefly at God’s immediate answer, which is the prophecy.

Daniels prayer (Daniel 9:3-19).  From Daniel 9:2 we learn that Daniel knew of the writings of Jeremiah and of his prophecies regarding their seventy years of captivity.  He was also aware of the reason for their captivity: mainly because for so long they had not obeyed the Lord in keeping the laws of the Sabbath rest; thus by their exclusion God intended to restore the land by giving it rest for the exact number of Sabbath years that it had been violated—seventy years.

Long before Daniel’s time God clearly prophesied these things.


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