A Picture of Intercession from the Book of Esther

Prayer A to Z

Esther approachingThe story of Esther gives us a clear picture of how intercession works. In the story, Queen Vashti was divorced from King Ahasuerus because she refused to dance before the king and his guests at a banquet.  Later, after the king’s anger had subsided, a search was made for a new Queen.  Esther was chosen, and the king loved her.

 Soon afterwards, King Ahasuerus appointed a man named Haman as Prime Minister; and as the king commanded, all the king’s officials were to bow down to him.  But Mordecai, who was Esther’s cousin and the one who reared her, refused to bow down to Haman because of his Jewish faith.  Upon hearing this news Haman was furious and immediately began to plot the destruction of all the Jews, out of which a decree was issued and signed by the king that all Jews would be killed on the 28th of…

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