Four Ways the Holy Spirit Intercedes for Us

Prayer A to Z

The Holy Spirit is the person of God who intercedes for us on earth.  Here is a picture of His intercession.

 1.  He prays for us.  A big part of the intercession of the Holy Spirit is His prayer for us.  While Jesus is praying for us in heaven, the Holy Spirit is praying for us here on earth in our hearts. 

Romans 8:27 says that He intercedes for us “according to God.” Most translations say that He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.  However, a literal translation should read “according to God”, leaving out “the will of”.  William Newel states, “We feel that the introduction of the words ‘the will of’ before the word God, merely obscures the meaning.”  He states that the phrase “according to God” is a more “all inclusive” and “blessed expression.”  Newel says it this way: “We know not how…

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