Our Heavenly Father’s Role in Intercession – 7 Points

Prayer A to Z


It is not the Father’s role to intercede.  The Father is the one who hears, receives, and answers our prayers.  But I think He should be included in the intercession process, because if it wasn’t for the Father we could not pray at all.  In fact, all prayer comes from the Father.  We will take time now to consider seven things regarding how the Father is involved in intercession.


1.He is the head person of the trinity and is in charge over the whole intercession process.  Jesus said that His Father is Lord over heaven and earth (Lu. 10:21) and that He is greater than all (Jn. 10:29).  Jesus also said in John 6:57 that He lives because of the Father.  This does not mean that the Father gave Him existence (Jesus has always existed); however, it means that His special life of power and authority was…

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