How to Use the Lord’s Prayer to Aid You in Prayer

Prayer A to Z

If you are struggling in prayer and are not sure that you are praying as you ought to (as God wants you to), I suggest that you use The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) as an outline for your prayer.  Start with the address—“Our Father in heaven.”  Take one or two minutes to meditate on those words (depending on how much time you have).  Then pray in your own words anything that comes to your mind.  No doubt, if you have meditated on “Our Father in heaven” that is the topic the Holy Spirit will bring to your mind.  Next, read and meditate on the first petition—“Hallowed be Your name.”  Then pray according to how the Holy Spirit leads you on that topic.  Meditate and pray through each petition and also the doxology.

If you like you can break the prayer up differently.  For example, instead of taking each petition separately…

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