The Second Bowl – Judgment on the Sea (Revelation 16:3)

After the first bowl judgment of the sores, the second angel will pour out his plague into the sea (large bodies of water; the oceans and all the bodies called seas).

We don’t know if there will be much of a break of time between each plague, but I imagine that there won’t be. Each plague will take a significant amount of time to affect the people and to spread out into the whole earth; but I don’t think there will be much of a break after each plague. In other words, every day of the seven-year Tribulation will be full of suffering and terror. Just when you think a plague has run its course, so that things are seeming to relax, another plague will start.

This second bowl-plague is a plague on the sea, so that it will be polluted with blood and death. It will be similar to the second trumpet, but much worse; for in the second trumpet only a third of the sea creatures die; here all living things will die—both plants and animals.

Imagine it! Imagine the stench of it! We know that there are about one million species of animals in the oceans. There are invertebrates (without a backbone) and vertebrates; there are very large animals like whales, sharks, and dolphins; and then there are smaller fish of many varieties. The oceans are also teeming with many varieties of plant life, and some microscopic in size. All will die and probably float to the top of the water with much blood. And the stench of it will permeate and pollute the air for miles.

We don’t know how God will kill all ocean life. I suppose He will either use the devastation of war (nuclear bombs, etc.), or He will just make it happen by a word. But the fact is, we know He will do it at the time of His choosing.

And we should know that this plague will not be meant for the oceans alone. In fact, it will be primarily a plague on humans. For the survival and health of humans will depend on water, even the ocean water. And isn’t it ironic that for years we have been polluting its waters with our dumping and poor sanitation; and soon, by this deadly plague it will bring disease and even death to those in the Tribulation.

People don’t drink from the salt water of the oceans, but we eat so much of what lives in the ocean. All that will be gone from man’s diet. But one thing I am thinking about most, is the pollution and the destruction of the air we breathe.  Did you know that about half of the oxygen we humans breathe comes from the process of photosynthesis? This will all be destroyed, gone; because photosynthesis is produced by living microscopic plants called phytoplankton as it receives light from the sun.

So, this marvelous God-created process in nature will suddenly stop. And so, we can imagine what effect that will have on humans. There will be a lot of coughing and gaging going on, with an almost inability to breathe. And this plague I imagine will continue for the entire length of the rest of the Tribulation period.

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