The Mighty Angel and the Little Book – Revelation 10:1-11

Studying Bible Prophecy

I have been writing a book on the Tribulation and blogging it.  I am now up to the end of the Trumpet judgments. I am now beginning an interlude (Rev. 1-11:14) that comes between the sixth and seventh Trumpet of Revelation, Part one. You may want to follow along in your bible.

Just after John saw and recorded that a third of mankind was killed by the locust creatures and that those who survived do not repent, he suddenly saw a mighty angel coming down from heaven. We will look now at the identity of this angel and a few other things that God wants to tell His people in this second interlude. God’s intention here is to give them a short break in order to encourage and comfort them and to remind them that He is in control and will ultimately bring them victory. We will look at this…

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