The First Trumpet — Revelation 8:7

Studying Bible Prophecy

The seven trump judgments will be revealed in the breaking of the seventh seal, and are judgments of much greater intensity. Whereas the seals were each opened and revealed by the Lamb of God, the trumpets are announced by angels when they blow their trumpets.

The first four trumpet judgments are much like the plagues of Egypt as they are divine judgments on the earth. The next two involve devastation of earth’s inhabitants; and the seventh trumpet, like the seventh seal, announces all that will follow in the Tribulation: the bowl judgments, and all the events leading up to the millennial kingdom.

In the first trumpet judgment God brings hail and fire, mixed with blood; and the result will be that a third of the earth, the trees, and the grass (and probably also grains such as wheat, rice and oats) will burn up.

Now the Scriptures do not give…

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