The First Seal Judgment — Revelation 6:1-2

Studying Bible Prophecy

As you can see from the text, the biblical record of the seal judgments—as well as all of the judgments—are quite short. For that reason, and since this is such an important subject, I will endeavor to look at each part thoroughly.

The Lamb Breaks the Seals

Before we get to this first seal, there are a couple of points that I want to go over. First of all, it comes to our attention that the Lamb breaks the seals. Why does the bible use the term “Lamb” and not “Jesus” or “the Lord?” Why use this name? What is the significance of the name Lamb here?

Well, I’ll give it a try. First of all, using the term “Lamb” will be a constant reminder to us, and to all, that He was and is the true Passover Lamb (Is. 53:7); He is the One whom the Jews were believing…

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