Eight Descriptions of Fasting

Prayer A to Z

The following is an excrept from my e-book Prayer A to Z.  

 Eight Descriptions of Fasting

1.  It is abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.  The Hebrew word for fast (tsuwn) means “to cover the mouth.”  The Greek word (nesteia) means “not to eat.”  Therefore fasting means primarily to abstain from food.  As for the second part of our description, “for spiritual reasons,” that comes from the Biblical context and from the purpose the Bible gives for fasting.  Accordingly, it was for spiritual reasons that Jesus fasted, and why Moses, David, Elijah, and all the others fasted.  And it is why the Bible teaches us to fast (Is. 58:6-9).  We can certainly fast for other reasons, but, as I can see, the main reason why God has called us to fast is for spiritual reasons—to improve our relationship with God.  Some would argue that our physical…

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