Fasting Through the Centuries

Prayer A to Z

In the Old and New Testament period, in the early church, in the church throughout the centuries, and in America and throughout the World people have fasted.

Fasting in the Old Testament.  According to Bible records, the practice of fasting among the Jews began with their great leader and deliverer, Moses.  He by far has given us the greatest (or most extreme) example.  For he fasted without food or water for forty days on two consecutive trips to Mount Sinai—eighty days and nights!  It had to be a miracle.  For no one in his own strength can fast much over three days without water.

Our next example was King David.  I think he fasted often, but there are only three instances recorded in the Bible: (1) He fasted with his men over the death of Saul and Jonathan (2 Sam. 1:12); (2) he fasted when he was in grief…

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