How To Pray With Faith

Prayer A to Z

Five Suggested Steps to Follow


1.  Live the life of faith.  Andrew Murray has stated, “Faith in the promise is the fruit of faith in the promiser.” I cannot have faith in what He has promised unless I have faith in Him as a person.  I must get to know Him and learn to trust Him.  Then I will grow to believe in what He says and promises.  Getting to know Him takes time, but perhaps not as much time as you think.   Eagerly pray and read your Bible every day.  Meditate on His Word every chance you get.  Then obey Him in everything He tells you.  Soon, sooner than you think, you will develop a close relationship with Him. You will love Him and trust Him.  This is the life of faith, and in this life there is much prayer.

 2.  Seek God’s will for every…

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