Five Forms of Faith

Prayer A to Z

Faith by itself is nothing, useless.  James tells us that faith without works is dead.  Hence, to just say “I believe God” really has no meaning unless there is a work of proof attached to it.  And when that faith is worked out it needs a form, a form of expression.  Therefore, we can say that there are various ways that faith is worked out.   Here are…


Five Forms of Faith


1.  Faith as commitment.  We first come to God in faith by our repentance and surrender, surrendering our ears to hear His voice and our eyes to see Him.  We continue our life of faith by that same yielding commitment.  This is the most basic form of faith.


2.  Faith as fellowship.  After we have surrendered and committed ourselves to God, our faith grows in love toward Him so that it becomes fellowship.  When we…

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