Personalities in the Tribulation: The Great Harlot

Studying Bible Prophecy

The harlot is not a person, but is a false religious system. And she is called great, I suppose, because she is able to influence and control so many people. One may think that the false prophet is the leader of this false religious system, but I don’t think so. Though he will no doubt have some influence and interaction with her, Scripture makes no mention of any connection. In fact, since the false prophet seems to show up just when the harlot is put out of commission (at the mid-point of the Tribulation), he may be her replacement. Here are four points pertaining to the Great Harlot.

The Great Harlot’s Identity

She is called a great harlot because she “sits on many waters,” which means that she reigns over many “peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues” (Rev. 17:1, 15). And she is also called “the great city, which…

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