Personalities in the Tribulation: The Antichrist – Part 2

Studying Bible Prophecy

The Antichrist is a prominent figure and the leader of all the evil that goes on in the Tribulation. Our information about him comes from three different biblical books: Daniel, 2 Thessalonians, and Revelation. (In part 1 you can read about his origin and evil character.)

His evil works

We will note his evil works in the following points:

He will always be working to build up his military might.He will use most of his money and resources for military weapons and equipment, and he will give great honor and authority to all who acknowledge him (Dan. 11:38-39).

He will war against any and all countries that are against him.Here are four examples:

1. At the beginning of the Tribulation, the first seal reveals to us a white horse; and its rider carried a bow without arrows. This tells us that the Antichrist went out to conquer by…

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