Personalities in the Tribulation: Satan

Studying Bible Prophecy

In my study of the Tribulation, I found references to Satan in four different chapters of Revelation: chapter twelve, thirteen, sixteen, and twenty. And I found twenty-four references to Satan with four different names: Satan (4 ref.), the devil (4 ref.), the serpent (3 ref.), and the dragon ((13 ref.). We will begin our study of Satan, mainly as a dragon, from chapter twelve. (I will limit this study of Satan to just the time of the Tribulation.)

Satan the great dragon, chapter twelve

Most of the information about Satan is in this chapter. It covers the sad history of Satan and what his evil plans are during the Tribulation.

From verses 3-5. Here Satan is portrayed as a large red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and with seven crowns on his heads. His depiction as a dragon helps us to see Satan’s cruel and horrible character, and…

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