Twelve Phases of the Kingdom Of God

Studying Bible Prophecy


For the last few months I’ve been busy studying the kingdom of God in all its phases—throughout history and into the future.  My primary focus in this study is the eleventh phase—the millennial kingdom of God.  That’s where I am at now, and I’m almost finished.   Anyway, my plan is to share with you this study, little by little in this blog.  Today you will get just an outline.

I. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN EDEN (It lasted about 2000 years—just an estimate.)

The kingdom of God was first realized in the Garden of Eden.  In this wonderful paradise God was sovereign and His sovereignty was delegated to man who would rule over the earth.


At this juncture in history, human government was God’s plan to protect and preserve the human race, and therefore, to keep His kingdom in…

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