The Obedience of Abiding

Prayer A to Z


Abiding is not just meditating on His Word and delighting in Him, and not just focusing on trying to bear fruit. It involves the action of complete obedience.  The whole reason why we meditate on His Word is so that we can do everything He wants us to do.

The abiding, obedient Christian embraces the following ideas:

  • That obedience must include Bible study. If we want to obey God we must know what He wants us to do. Therefore, obedience must include Bible study to find out what His will is.  Then the next step of course is to obey that will.
  • That obedience must be your lifestyle. Real obedience, that is, real abiding obedience is not just a once in a while thing. It must be your lifestyle—a continual obedience.

 If you put these two ideas together it will keep you abiding in Him and you will…

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