6 Books on Prayer

This will be the last of my book promotions—for a while. I have to tell you about my other six books on prayer. These books actually are of the same content as my Prayer A to Z, but arranged differently. My idea was to give the buyer a smaller and less expensive choice. Instead of putting the chapters in alphabetical order, I arranged them under topics.

Book 1, entitled Basics of Prayer (see above), has 10 topics that I thought were related to the basics of prayer. And I really like the photo I took for this book.

Book 2, entitled Purpose of Prayer, has only nine chapters, two of which are my personal favorites, on the Lord’s Prayer and on Answers to prayer.

Book 3, entitled Principles of Prayer, has eleven chapters, all loaded with great prayer teachings.

Book 4, entitled Joy of Prayer, I’m sure is a favorite of many. The titles Aroma of Prayer and Xanadu will bring a delight to your soul.

Book 5, entitled Service of Prayer, is the longest of the six books. Five of its chapters contain all the prayers of the bible.

Book 6, entitled Zenith of Prayer, is basically the same as the last chapter of my book Prayer A to Z, and was meant to be a summary, or a condensed version, of that book.

How to Buy Any of These Books

As you can see above, each title has a link on it and it will take you to the Lulu book page.

You can also see them all together in two different places to order any of them you want:

If you want to see them at Amazon, you can go to Amazon books, and then type in “Books on prayer by Stephen Nielsen” to see all of my prayer books displayed. Or Just click HERE.

If you want to see all of my books at my personal Lulu store just click on the link HERE. Pay no attention to those free e-books. I will make no money on those. Just kidding!

Note: If you want to read some of the content of the books I would go to the Amazon link. Click on the book you want; it will take you to a bigger book; click on that book to see a few pages of content.

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